New Game: Welcome to the Beta Version!

Hello Readers!

Today i’m proud to present the beta version of my game. It is planned to release this game this year, hopefully within the next few weeks. Although a more realistic release date is a few months 🙂 The reason behind this is simple: I want to ship a stable game instead of a rushed, not finished game.

For the first release there are some features which are not included, as they would force me to release this games in years. In order to provide us players with fresh content, those are implemented troughout the live-time of this game.

The current vividness of the game looks a bit more smooth, for example rounded toilet-paper roll and a better font-choice for ingame-information. Further there are more nice little effects added.

The current CPS- and Coinbonus Info, visible at the bottom right stacked on the Buttonbar is still beta – this is may a subject to change upon release.

This is what the game looks now in beta:

Beta 1.1 Screenshot of the game.

Of course, the scenery is also beta and not final!

Additional coin-rewards are granted on watching ads. The plan is to balance the game that you can play it without even to watch those ads, but on the other hand this would be a nice „thanks“ for me as developer at no cost for you.

In app-purchases with real money is not planned for this game, unless the fan-base asks for it!

~ kind regards,


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