Text Adventure Toolkit Project


Welcome to the Text Adventure Toolkit Project Page! This page should give you an idea, an overview of what this toolkit is about, what is it currently capable, a roadmap and a loose future-plan.

The Toolkit itself will be open source forever. At the moment commerical usage has no limits. In future, there will be maybe a community edition, which features full-features and a ‚ultimate‘ edition for commercial usage. This point is seen as a loose future-plan and I may will be like this or not. But the open source access and private usage is guaranteed!

Current State

TODO : current state


TODO: roadmap


Keep a look at the readme.md file in the git-link blow, OR download the quest-designer snapshot 1.0.0 build and follow the how to run instructions ! Don’t forget to add comments 🙂

github link : https://github.com/wolfomat/text-adventure


How to run – Quick-start Instructions

This instruction is intended to give you a simple set of instruction to execute on your local computer. For advanced users – feel free to try it out and give feedback.


Feel free to add comments !