[ENG] *UPDATE* 2D RPG Game showcase – early presentation of my game


Hi there,

on 22.Feb. I posted a screenshot and arcticle without any further information. The project, which I am working now since end of 2015 has reached a good point. There are many features which needs to be implemented, but also I’ve made a good code base and the further development is fun.

First, I’ll write just down what is implement, then I’ll show some screenshots with explanation and at the bottom of this article you’ll find a commented video.

These are currently the core features, which are implemented:

  • dynamic layer switch script
  • basic and ready-to-extend EXP System
  • basic and ready-to-extend battle system
  • Friendly NPCs: random movement, fixed postion (pushable by player), fixed postion (non-pushable).
    • I’m thinking to keep the non-pushable friendly NPCs complete away from the game, because I don’t like the concept of NPC-Wayblockers. Maybe only if you can fight them, we’ll see
  • walking and idle animations for friendly NPCs and player
  • entry and exiting in/off/from a house

Screenshot Showcase

– all Imagery seen on the screenshots are possible subject to change

  1. dynamic layer switch script
    dynamic layer switch
    Image 1: dynamic layer switch – setup of the system explained


  2. EXP and Battle System
    this Screenshot shows the basic Battle and EXP System
    Image 2: This Screenshot shows the basic Battle and EXP System


  3. Battle System: knock back
    Image 3: Knock-back effect
    Image 3: Knock-back effect on enemies


  4. Standing and moving NPC (random move not shown…see video)
    standing and moving NPC
    Image 4: left – the NPC is standing. right – the NPC has been pushed away and is now moving back to it’s original position


  5. Teleportation

    image with teleporting script explaination
    Image 5: Shows the basic teleportation system

Presentation Video

Have fun watching the presentation video of the features!




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