A new Text Adventure Tool is born!


The text-adventure Toolbox says “Hello World!”

It’s the first source code release, but not the final release version 1.0.0. Generally this blog is more or less similar to the readme.md file placed in the source code repository. Nevertheless, I want to mention several things here on this page.

Players, Developers, Designers and Content Creators OR: the idea behind the tool

It was during the development of my unity 2d rpg project, which is still ongoing. However, the progress stagnated for while. The project is at the current phase where I want to implement some story and quest lines, but using pure unity is not that comfortable. Then i’ve got an idea: create a toolkit with a database in order to manage easily the relations between the story points (sometimes refered as quest-nodes/quest-elements). Then, during the technical design phase it just came into my mind: rather than create solely a tool for creating a quest-line, i’ve want to add a feature to play the quest via console. The first proof of concept was done quickly, so i’ve adapted it instantly. After the technical Designphase i added some goals to create a cool text-adventure toolkit which serves serveral purposes.

  • Design a visually a quest
  • Play-Preview the quest line, with path-visualzation – in browser
  • Export the quest / game in a specific format for playing it with the command-line player
  • simple to use
  • documentation

There are many other features and plans: the current focus is to finish the release version 1.0.0 so that some users can play around – either creating a text adventure or just playing it!

Technical Infos

  • Java based
  • IoC Container Spring Boot
  • Hibernate for Database access
  • Primefaces for View-Pages (jsf based)
  • for Development: MariaDb
  • later : embedded database (possibly h2 or apache derby)


The source codes of the text-adventure Toolbox has been released in github! You can find the project in github under https://github.com/wolfomat/text-adventure.

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