2D RPG Game – Quest Lines

Pre-Alpha Shot vom 2D RPG-Game
Pre-Alpha Shot vom 2D RPG-Game

After weeks of development in the past I can present a features which I’ve finished several months ago. This time it’s about quest lines within the game.

Technically there’s a Quest-Repository which functions as database for finding current and next quests. Then, there’s the Quest-Processor which performs all the lookup tasks for a Quest-Entity. An NPC, which is a Quest-Entity has a default Dialog which changes when the assigned Quest is at the stage where the mentioned NPC is assigned to. These mechanics can be compared best with secret of mana mechanics. Unlike modern games like Deus Ex the feature where you can skip whole quest lines when you reach a goal before even starting the quest is currently not supported. But as i like these mechanic because they are a bit closer to reality I plan to implement this as well.

Images says more then words. Here’s a demo of how this works. I think most of you understand how a quest-line works. Let’s have a look at the first quest ever written in my 2d rpg game.

In this scenario there are two NPCs involved. The NPC1 wants to deliver a message to NPC2 but needs us to deliver it.

NPC1 can’t move, while NPC2 has a random movement.

Simple dialogs with different answer option on NPC1. After you have choosen an answer, NPC2 will change it’s dialog dependent on the answer you have selected.
NPC1 reminds me that me disgn is quite bad 😉 Thanks anyway, this is about technic and not design… haha 🙂
Here’s the end quest line, the first answer has been selected.

I think this a solid base in order to implement a linear main quest line story with multiple endings. But as stated before, it’s not a final design decision to keep the quest-lines linear. At least the game should be in terms of quest-lines as complex as a good old super nes jrpg, but action-like. I still hate those “tactical” combat things! 🙂

By the way: for designing the quest-lines I’ll use the text-adventure toolkit which is open source. There are several Todo’s ongoing… check it out!

Click here for the Text Adventure Toolkit Project

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